.224 Valkyrie Ammo

When Federal Premium introduced .224 Valkyrie ammo in 2017, they called it “the best (Modern Sporting Rifle) cartridge ever developed.” That’s because, unlike most AR rifle ammunition, the .224-caliber cartridge is a long-range round that can maintain supersonic velocity after 1,300 yards. On top of that, the Valkyrie cartridge has half the recoil of other similar performing rounds. Federal says they accomplished this feat by equipping Valkyrie ammunition with extremely heavy bullets and coefficients that extend far beyond any other round in its class.image

With the introduction of .224 Valkyrie, long-range precision shooters can use more than just bolt-action rifles. Federal designed Valkyrie ammo specifically for MSRs. You can convert your standard AR platform rifle for the Valkyrie round by configuring it with a .224-caliber barrel, a 6.8 Special bolt, and a .224 magazine. Otherwise, it works with all standard AR parts. On paper, .224 Valkyrie 60 grain ammo has a muzzle velocity of 3,300 feet-per-second while packing more than 1,400 foot-pounds of energy. Compared to other similar cartridges, Federal says on average .224 Valkyrie has 127 inches less drop and 68 inches less wind drift at 1,000 yards. A single box of .224 Valkyrie ammo contains 20 rounds but quantities of 50 are also available. The cartridge design is recommended for long-distance shooting, and hunting varmint and medium-sized game.