.243 Winchester Ammo

.243 ammo is popular among hunters and target shooters because it embodies the best traits of the most popular standard rifle ammo available today. The round’s size falls between .223 and .308. Like the former, .243 Winchester delivers high velocity and easy-to-manage recoil. And like the latter, .243 ammo is powerful. In fact, it uses a necked-down .308 casing. These attributes make the .243 round dependable for both hunting medium game and varmints and target shooting.image

Winchester Ammunition introduced the cartridge in 1955 and it quickly became a favorite among hunters. In fact, .243 Winchester is now known as one of the most popular deer-hunting cartridges ever. That’s because .243 Winchester ammo is effective out of both bolt- and semi-auto rifles. At 55 grains, .243 bullets deliver a muzzle velocity of 3,910 feet-per-second with 1,867 foot-pounds of energy.

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