35 Whelen ammo

Although the 35 Whelen was developed in 1922, it remained a wildcat cartridge until Remington began selling a Model 700 chambered for 35 Whelen ammo in 1988. The caliber is used for big game hunting, particularly in North America. Although not as widely known as its .30-06 Springfield parent case, the larger 35 Whelen bullets are .358 inches/9.1 mm in diameter, and this changes the ballistics considerably. Using 180 gr to 250 gr bullets, muzzle velocity averages about 2,724 fps (feet per second) and average muzzle velocities around 3,483 ft-lb (foot-pounds). The maximum effective range is about 400 yards for big game hunting, making it an excellent contender for going after that big trophy and is popular among handloaders. We carry factory loads from top brands like Hornady, Federal, and Barnes. Shop at 30carbine.com for great deals on Ammunition. Check out our How-To Guides and Articles to learn more about shooting sports and a whole bunch of other outdoor subjects from our own in-house experts.image

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