350 Legend Ammo for sale

Buy 350 Legend ammo, it is sight for deer hunters,
especially those living in states that require they use
rifles chambered for a straight-walled cartridge. Before
they were limited to using dated, oversized, or short-
range ammunition. In just a few years, 350 Legend has
become known as a powerful round with very soft recoil
It has a performance is often compared to the popular
223 Remington because it’s AR-compatible when you
use a .350 Legend upper. Speaking only about rifle
ammo, though, the 350 Legend bullet is much bigger.
With a Bullet diameter of .357 inches and a 1.71-inch
long shell case, the total length of the 350 Legend
cartridge is 2.26 inches.
On paper, the 350 Legend deer hunting round with
a 150-grain bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,325 feet-g