6mm ARC Ammo

6mm ARC stands for Advanced Rifle Cartridge and is a versatile round that uses high-BC bullets to deliver outstanding performance for AR-15 platform weapons. This rifle ammunition excels in target shooting and hunting applications. Our selection of 6mm ARC ammo includes Hornady BLACK featuring boat-tail hollow point match bullets that are excellent for competitive shooting events or target practice. We also carry Hornady Precision Hunter 6mm ARC loaded with Spitzer boat tail bullets that are designed to take down medium to big game with ease.image

Does the military use 6mm ARC?

Hornady launched 6mm ARC ammo in 2020 for the Department of Defense’s (DoD) multipurpose combat rifle program. While the military was the first to get their hands on 6mm ARC, the cartridge eventually found its way into civilian markets and is available for purchase.