.30-30 Winchester Ammo

.30-30 Winchester Ammunition was first introduced to the firearm industry over 100 years ago, and it is most commonly used in lever-action or bolt-action hunting rifles. For a rifle cartridge to maintain this level of popularity for over a century is quite a feat, but most marksmen who have shot with 30-30 ammunition understand the hype. This ammunition is one of the best rounds for deer hunting because it provides plenty of firepower to ethically take down a whitetail, but unlike other hard-hitting cartridges, 30-30 Win has very manageable recoil and is mostly used with lightweight rifles that are easy to lug around the hunting grounds. 30-30 ammo has evolved throughout the years to include different bullet grains and types as well as other innovations. For example, Hornady LEVERevolution 30-30 ammunition has everything hunters love about this cartridge, but it is safe to use in tubular magazines and delivers a significantly flatter trajectory than traditional .30-30 ammo.image 30-30 ammo 125 grain for sale, hornady leverevolution 30-30 bulk ammo