Does This Korean 30 Carbine Ammo Have Corrosive Primer?

is korean 30 carbine ammo corrosive

Does This Korean 30 Carbine Ammo Have Corrosive Primer?

Does this korean 30 carbine ammo have corrosive primers?

Unless stated on the ammo container, all military surplus ammo that is Berdan primed will be corrosive.
Corrosive ammo is typically a good choice for shooters that are on a budget or who are looking to stock up on surplus ammo as it will be less expensive than non-corrosive ammunition. However, it is recommended that if you plan to store this corrosive ammo for long periods of time or use it in your firearm, then it is important that you follow a proper cleaning routine to ensure your firearm is in top condition and ready to fire when you want it.

Does this korean 30 carbine ammunition have non-corrosive primers?

Unlike corrosive ammo, non-corrosive ammo does not rust your firearm and can be used with your favorite firearm. However, non-corrosive ammo is generally more expensive than corrosive ammo and the brass casings can be susceptible to corrosion over time.

What is the.30 Carbine?

The.30 carbine is a 7.62x33mm cartridge developed in the 1940s as an intermediate caliber for the M1 Carbine. It has more muzzle energy than the.45 ACP, but not as much energy as the 5.56x45mm NATO/.223 Remington round.

It was also considered to be ineffective against lightly clothed North Korean and Chinese soldiers during World War II, but it was used again during the Vietnam War by reconnaissance units (LRRP) and advisors. It is a good choice for hunting small to medium-sized game, but it does not have the power to do much damage to large animals.

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