Federal Game Load Upland Hi-Brass Ammunition 16 Gauge 2-3/4″ 1-1/8 oz



Federal Game Load Upland Hi-Brass Ammunition 16 Gauge 2-3/4″ 1-1/8 oz


Product Information

Cartridge 16 Gauge
Quantity 500 Round
Shot Size #6
NonToxic No
Shell Length 2-3/4″
Shot or Slug Type Lead Shot
Buffered No
Muzzle Velocity 1295 Feet Per Second
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
Barrel Type Smooth Bore
Shot Weight 1-1/8 Ounce
Crimp 6-Point Star
Dram Equivalent 3-1/4
Country of Origin United States of America

The Ultimate Guide to 16 gauge home defense: Types, Uses, and Benefits

What is 16 Gauge Shotgun Ammo and How Does it Differ from Other Types?

16 gauge shotgun ammo is a type of shotgun ammunition that is becoming increasingly popular among shooters. It offers the perfect balance between power and recoil, making it ideal for both novice and experienced shooters. This type of ammo differs from other types in terms of size, performance, and cost. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between 16 gauge shotgun ammo and other types of shotgun shells, as well as how to choose the right type for your needs.

Exploring the Different Types of 16 Gauge Shotgun Ammo

16 gauge shotguns are gaining in popularity due to their versatility and power. As a result, it is important to understand the different types of 16 gauge shotgun ammo that are available. This article will explore the different types of 16 gauge shotshells, including birdshot shells, buckshot shells, and slug shells. It will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of shell so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your ammo.

Uses & Benefits of Using 16 Gauge Shotgun Ammo

16 gauge shotgun ammo is a popular choice for hunters and target shooters alike due to its versatility and effectiveness. This type of ammo is designed to provide high accuracy, low recoil, and excellent range. It can be used for both hunting and target shooting with a 16 gauge shotgun. The benefits of using 16 gauge shotgun ammo include improved accuracy, reduced recoil, better range, and increased power. Additionally, the use of this type of ammunition can help improve your overall shooting performance in a variety of situations.

What are the Best Brands for Quality & Affordable 16 gauge ammo bulk?

Finding the best brands for 16 gauge shotgun ammo can be a daunting task, as there are many options available in the market. But, with proper research and knowledge of what to look for in quality ammunition, you can find the best brands that offer both quality and affordability. In this article, we will discuss some of the top brands that offer 16 gauge shotgun ammo that is both reliable and affordable. We will also discuss some tips on how to find the right brand for your needs.

Get the Most Out of Your Shooting Experience with Quality & Affordable 16 Gauge Shotgun Ammo

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