Fiocchi Exacta Target Ammunition 28 Gauge 2-3/4″ 3/4 oz




Product Information

Cartridge 28 Gauge
Quantity 500 Round
Shot Size #7-1/2
NonToxic No
Shell Length 2-3/4″
Shot or Slug Type Lead Shot
Buffered No
Muzzle Velocity 1200 Feet Per Second
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
Barrel Type Smooth Bore
Shot Weight 3/4 Ounce
Crimp 6-Point Star

Everything You Need to Know About Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo and Where to Find It In Stock

What is Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo and Why is it Popular?

Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo is a popular choice amongst hunters, target shooters, and clay shooters alike. It’s considered to be one of the best shotgun shells on the market due to its superior performance and reliability. Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo is designed with a special blend of high-quality components that provide superior accuracy and consistency. It’s also known for its low recoil and excellent patterning capabilities, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced shooters alike. Whether you’re looking for target ammunition or hunting rounds, Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo has something to offer everyone.

The Different Types of Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo Available

Fiocchi 28 gauge ammo is a popular choice for shooters who are looking for the perfect balance of power and accuracy. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, Fiocchi has the right type of ammo to meet your needs. With different types available, such as target loads, hunting loads and sporting clays, Fiocchi 28 gauge ammo can provide you with the performance you need to hit your targets.

What Makes Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo Unique?

Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo is a unique type of ammunition that stands out from the rest due to its superior quality control, reloadable shells, and consistent performance. Fiocchi is known for its strict quality control standards, and this is reflected in the high-quality ammunition they produce. The reloadable shells are designed to be used multiple times and still retain their accuracy and performance. Additionally, Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo is renowned for its consistent performance in all types of shooting conditions. With these features, Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo stands out from the rest as a top choice for shooters looking for reliable, high-performance ammunition.

Where to Find Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo In Stock

Finding Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo in stock can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking to purchase online or from a local gun store, you’ll need to know where to look. Thankfully, there are several online retailers and local gun stores that stock Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo for sale. This guide will provide an overview of the best places to find Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo in stock and ready for purchase.

Tips for Buying the Right Type of Fiocchi 28 Gauge Ammo for Your Needs

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